Check out Vince promoting Shrek the Musical on "Live in the Morning with Keith Hanson on 99.7 WNTK.  

Vince recently finished a successful run on Shrek the Musical as Lord Farquaad.  Check out this sneak peek!!


CURRENT Projects

Vincent Ortega

Vince is a New York Based Singer, Dancer, Actor as well as a known Choreographer.  His work is all over the world having worked with popular artists and a Theatrical Background.  His Voice can be heard all over the world as well from Russia, all over Europe, to New York's Carnegie Hall.  He also assists the best of the best with work including Broadway, Artists, Film and Television and so many more. 


Who is Vince?


Vince is looking forward to working on The Rocky Horror Show in August. 

Vince is currently teach at the Dance North Intensive in Michigan.  These dancers come from around the world to train with this amazing faculty.  Check them out here.


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